About us

JSC Pilot Training Centre (PTC) was established in 2005 near Vilnius on the territory of Paluknis airfield.

Although we are young, together we have evolved into a strong, ambitious company, with a team of professional flight instructors and engineers capable of providing top quality training. Our clients are pilots from Western and Eastern Europe, as well as Middle East countries.

JSC Centre is equipped with Airbus A320, Boeing 737-500 DG level, Boeing 737-800W NG D level full flight simulators, Boeing 737-800W NG FNPT II MCC simulator - first and the only ones of that kind in the Baltic States. We closely cooperate with our partner Sabenavita Type Rating Training Organization.  Together we can offer you various type rating trainings, FNPT II MCC simulator and a special fire and smoke simulator, which imitates fire conditions in various areas of passenger cabin: passenger seat, overhead locker, toilet, oven, etc. for training crew fire fighting skills and behaviour management in heavy smoke/zero visibility conditions inside the aircraft premises.

The Pilot Training Centre is a multifunctional centre that provides various kinds of services in accordance with regulatory requirements and needs of our clients. All necessary conditions are created to provide smooth and efficient course flow and ensure best training results.

Innovative technologies and progressive training procedures open ways to a flexible approach on meeting your needs.

We invite all those, who value experience, quality, professionalism and
reasonable prices.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our Pilot Training Centre.

Flight safety is the main principle of our work.